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Spring Thing is as a muscle using a unique spring mechanism that promises to relieve pain seen on TV products. Spring Thing here to take our survey.


What Spring Thing?

Spring Thing a small, handheld device that uses a spring to apply pressure to your muscles. Grip you apply it to your device in hand, it’s hard or wound points around your body. The device promises to relieve pain in his head, neck, shoulders, back, hips, joints or legs.

To use Spring Thing, you just point the device at the source of pain in the muscles, then press and move in a slow, circular motion. The device is designed to mimic a particular medicine therapist.


Spring Thing Features

Temporary your head, neck, shoulders, waist, hip, relieve pain, and leg

Just find the source of your pain, and then hit a slow, easy to use Spring Thing moving in circular motion:

Ointment mimics a therapist

“Very sensitive deep muscles, powerful enough to release tight knots, yet soft.”

Ergonomic grip and soft rubber tip makes it comfortable to use Spring Thing

Finally, Spring Thing you promised to release the tension in your muscles to help get rid of the pain, stress, and additions.

Who created Spring Thing?

Spring Thing was created by Dr. Pamela Fowers, who claim to uses the device “is a kind of ACCU-pressure techniques are used for many chiropractors and bring therapist sore spots rich blood to oxygen”. It relieve pain and reduce the inflammation area, promotes circulation.

Spring Thing leading TV company is produced by Plymouth as seen on the right. It includes the most famous Mighty Putty founded in 1997. Some of the products during the year, the Company Philadelphia, spray perfect, was to be functional brace, Snuggle, and Fast Brite.

You can call to get in touch with the manufacturers of Spring Thing customerservice@plymouthdirect.com by email or 1-800-340-3418.


Spring Thing determine prices

Spring Thing comes bundled with a set of copper soles of his shoes. 1 Spring Thing purchase and includes 1 pair of insoles with copper. The ordering page, you will need to choose whether you are buying it for a man or a woman. How to determine the price breaks down here:

1 set (1 + 1 pair of insoles device) Male or Female: $ 19.99

Upgrade Set $ ​​29.99

Shipping is included in your purchase.

Advanced version of the upgrade for deluxe version with 3 additional pressure proposals for greater impact. You pay $ 10 extra to upgrade.

All purchases come with a 90 day money back guarantee.

Spring Thing is also listed on Amazon, where it cost between $ 15 and $ 20. It appears that it is only available through third-party resellers: it anywhere but the state-owned company SpringThing.com is not available through the website.


Spring Thing Review: What customers are saying about Spring Thing?

Currently Spring Thing 5 average rating on Amazon, where 20 clients a perfect 5-star review from the left. Users enter the pros and cons of the following:




  • Easy walking to his experience as a massage
  • The kinks in your body, stiffness, and lesions gets out
  • Affordable and compact
  • Works on all body
  • Relieves pain in minutes
  • Relieve tension headaches and neck pain based, effective

Cons of

Will not work for everyone

Does not claim to relieve pain permanently (only “temporarily promoted as a way to” pain away)

Most of the reviews for Spring Thing body of the people are trying to relieve chronic pain, pain, and sores. They use regular Spring Thing to enjoy relief.


You should buy Spring Thing?

Spring Thing a simple, plastic device that uses a spring to apply pressure on your body. Device care to replicate the experience of Dr. Pamela Fowers, ACCU pressure and chiropractic Spring Thing was made by the producer.

Pain, pain, headache, and including – Today, people around the world use Spring Thing to relieve pain throughout his body. Like other pain management tools, Spring Thing will not work for everyone. However, it is an inexpensive, low-risk device can use to help your pain management without having to go to a chiropractor or ACCU pressure clinic.

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