Is Nucific Bio X4 Scam? SHOCKING – READ BEFORE TRY!!!

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Bio X4 – Get Healthy Digestion and Slim, Trim Body

A poor digestive health, and fat, and unhealthy body can easily take a toll on your health, and can make you feel very sick and tired. If I’m talking about myself, I was not in the better of my health, in fact, the problem of indigestion, weight gain and makes my life miserable. There were a lot of things that I tried the suggestion of a lot of people, but the problem is still there. I wanted something natural and effective, and found Bio X4. This is a wonderful complement to the diet is working to provide you with the support of the digestive amazing and assures you of weight loss. Reading this review for detailed information …Order-BIO-X4

Bio X4 – In Brief

This is a probiotic supplement, which was established to facilitate and assist in providing you a healthy weight loss process and maintain a healthy digestive system. It is clinically tested and approved by well-known experts, which prove the safety and effectiveness of the solution. The formula helps to cure the problem of poor colon system, and helps you to lose weight naturally, and improves the immune system. Available in pill form, and this is by far the best dietary supplements one can trust and use.

What Are The Ingredients BIO X4?

Of natural and powerful ingredients make the BIO X4 more efficient than others. More natural ingredients reflect a more efficient extension. Thus, it contains 100% natural quality and the finest ingredients that are proven safe to use. A sequel is very well known and recommended by doctors. Add the approved scientific components only in this Annex. This powerful combination is a powerful super formula contains:

Digestive enzyme – help you to maximize the nutrients in each meal

EGCG – is evident from taking green tea extract and effective in increasing your metabolism rate

39 billion colony – and this is the unity of the formation of microscopic organisms that provide you with the intestinal bacteria, in the end improve your digestive system

5-HTP – is effective in suppressing your hunger and her mood regulation authority. Also, it helps you to get out of your own problems, such as depression or fibromyalgiabio-x4-featt

Is BIO X4 Work?

This is a great supplement that works to increase metabolism level and your assures you of healthy weight loss. It works to foster a healthy immune system in the body, and also helps to maintain your slim, trim and proper shape. This solution provides the essential nutrients and feel refreshed and helps you look throughout the day. Fills more of your body with a lot of energy and power that will lead you towards a healthy and appropriate life. Not only that, it cleanses the colon of harmful bacteria and toxins, as well, and maintains the proper functioning of your digestive system. By taking advantage of this solution, one can easily become clean, inside and can keep the body perfectly toned. So, grab your bottle now, start using it, and be prepared to experience the results!

What Makes It Necessary?

Until that time, your body contains essential nutrients, and it works efficiently peak. Once your body starts lacking those nutrients, your body acquires unhealthy work. The performance of the exercises and health exercises undoubtedly to your body. But, when you battle to lose weight, you can reduce your food intake. As a result, your body does not get the basic nutrients which are vital to their work. Go for a long time, a tough workout may not be possible for everyone. Here, the Bio X4 is beneficial in your diet promote eating. This supplement has been formulated taking into account the natural behavior and safety. This confirmation is not found in other supplements that are not considered safety results. This makes the Bio X4 simply better than the rest. And, this is why I would recommend this supplement to all of you.

Suggested Dose

Should bio-X4 is taken three times a day with a meal your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Consume the pill with a full glass of water without missing a day to achieve the best results and long-term. With normal consumption, you can actually get to see perfect results without any hassles. Also, if you want to increase your results, and bring some healthy changes in your routine, for example, drink more water, eat healthy food and try to stay positive.

Any Side Effects?

Nucific Bio X4 is safe and effective for use at all. It contains no chemicals or preservatives added that makes it free of side effects. With the use of its regular and proper, indeed one can achieve the desired results without any hassles.Order-BIO-X4

Are There Any Advantages?

This supplement is effective in giving you the benefits without any concessions. It aims to remove fat cause unwanted, providing you with a healthy, fit body. Learn the benefits that are likely to approach you use with:

  • Improve the digestive system
  • It gives you a natural weight loss
  • Burn fat cells
  • Controlled more fat cell production
  • Increase metabolic rate
  • It gives you all the essential nutrients
  • It saves you from stress eating
  • Regulates mood fluctuations
  • Activate and revitalize your body internally
  • Improve the immune system
  • It makes you healthy internally, where the results are clear externally
  • Give you a natural and long-lasting results
  • This is a natural solution 100%
  • It is recommended to supplement clinically
  • Free of side effects


  • It can only be purchased online
  • An overdose can be harmful
  • Not under 18 and minors
  • Not for pregnant women

Things You Should Know

I hope that was clear all your doubts through this review. You’ll have to try to achieve this outcome. So, before you start using this supplement, just follow these precautions that you should be aware of:

  • Not under 18 and minors
  • Not for pregnant women
  • To keep away from the reach of children
  • Do not accept, if the seal is broken
  • To be kept in a cool, dry place
  • An overdose can be harmful
  • Not suitable for pregnant women
  • You are advised to consult a doctor before using it
  • Maintaining a healthy diet
  • Avoid fatty food and foodstuff
  • Drink plenty of water

Where To Buy?footer1

Visit the official website of the Bio X4 exclusive bottle of your claim. It comes with a 90 day money back guarantee,  in any case, you do not feel satisfied with the results, you can return it without any worries. So hurry up, and claim your package now!


  1. This product is super good, i ve used it for just za week and i see tremendous result. I can count on it any time

  2. From the title of your article, I thought that you were going to say something really terrible or dangerous. I never did find out if Bio X4 is a scam, what is the answer?? Hope to hear from you, I don’t want to be ‘taken’ but if good then I will try it. On a limited income, you can’t waste your resources! Thanks!

  3. The product listed at the bottom is different from the site it’s made from. At the site the Craving control Blend is Caralluma Fimbriata extract. Above under the same listing it is listed as 5 (HTP) Griffornia seed extract

  4. I am impressed with the presentation for BIO x4, and would like to place an order by phone. Please mail your phone number

  5. I’ve been trying to find a way to order to try this product!

  6. I have been on Bio-X4 since 11/13/15 and have not seen any loss in weight.
    I am not on any prescribed meds and I eat a lot of green leafy veggies and fruits….very low sugar intake, one slice of Ezekiel bread once a day and very little processed food. What am I doing wrong?

    • Are you exercising? They say this is not just a weight loss supplement. You have to to exercise. It just helps you better digest the crappy foods we all ingest. It helps so they are not just stored as fat. That means that you shouldn’t put more fat on if you are consuming the same amount of food.

    • Maybe you need to talk with your doctor.
      Do not eat fruits after 12 o’clock . A lot of fruits have a lot of natural sugar in them.
      Also try walking for 15 minutes a day to build up your endurance.
      Having a work routine along with taking along with taking Bio x 4 will help.

    • Do you eat meat? Lean meat is as essential to your body as the other items you mentioned that you eat.

  7. I take Cymbalta for fibromyalgia and back pain. I am concerned about the drug/drug interaction. Is it okay to use Bio X4 in combination with the Cymbalta (60mg)? Also, I am sensitive to caffiene. If I drink too much coffee I get palpitations and increased heart rate. Your input would be greatly appreciated. I have already received my order, so please answer my questions ASAP.

  8. I intend to wait and read more reviews. There are too many scams out there to be so quick to try. Will do more research on this.

  9. I watched video presentation and want to order at the said price of $49.00 per bottle , they didn’t leave a phone number or a way to contact you !!! Not happy about this please help!!!! Thank you

    • Did you click on the button under the video screen that says “Next Step”?

  10. I am 76 years old and I ordered the Nucbio4 to cleanse my digestive tract..I have COPD and allergies that cause Muscas to form in my bronical tubes…It drains into my stomach and I’m sure it has bacteria in it…I often have stomach cramps and then diarea and I feel it is due to the mucas in my digestive tract..I am overweight and should loose some pounds..but that is not my principal reason for wanting to use this product…I take Nexium occasionally for indestion, and Montelukast for allergies but not on a regular basis..only when needed..and compivent inhaler when I need it to clear my broncial tubes…Will this product interfer with any of these medications??…I really would like to try it for the cleansing of my digestive tract…I don’t need any more problems at my age and would like to know if this will do the trick without interfering with any of these meds..I am also a borderline diabetic..but take no medication for it..just diet…

  11. I would have purchased this product however noted that the labs address and name is not shared. This causes huge concern.
    Thanks anyway

  12. I tried to order this on your website . Before I could complete my order , your website closed. Will you please send me a telephone number.

  13. I second the above question…. Why is the listed ingredient on the bottle for appetite suppression ( griffonia seed extract) different than what the Dr stated was in the capsule (127 mg caralluma a fimbriata)??

  14. I’ve been taking it for 3 days and I could say right away I could sleep,didn’t have to take anxiety pills hope it keeps working for me so, so far I love it

  15. i have been taking it for 1 week and I can tell that it is already helping all of my digestive symptoms which is why ordered it, If in the long run it helps me lose weight that will just be a plus for me, not taking it for that reason.

  16. I ordered 3 bottles of 90 capsules each, of Bio-X4 , on February 7, 2016, and received them on February 12, 2016. I’m concerned about my atrial fibrilation, high blood pressure, thyroid and parathyroid issues as well as too much calcium deposits over the past 4 years. I am 71 years old. I don’t want or need any drug interactions. I haven’t asked my doctor about your product, because I really want to see results with your product and I fear that he will tell me NOT to use it. Do you have a full year guarantee on your product (which can be returned for refund of original order ) ?

    I just saw a complete video, similar to your presentation, for BELLYTRIM XP that claims the same results , but has completely different ingredients. They have Conjugated LinoleicAcid (CLAA) (1,200 mg) , CLA 80% oil from safflower oil (1,500 mg ), Pomegranate seed oil (400 mg), and Bio-Perine (patented Black Pepper extract (5mg). Serving size is 2 softgels daily.
    How does this compare to your product? Does it contain ANY of your ingredients that are perhaps named differently, so a layman like me, wouldn’t understand? I know you will claim your product is better, but how can I tell? I already ordered their product before seeing your presentation, that seems extraordinary?

    Thank you,
    Catalina Brede
    February 17, 2016

  17. I order 1 bottle of your nucific bio -x4 and i take ibprophen 800ng for back pain and flexril for muscle spasms, can i still take the bio x4 with those meds without any other health concerns since it all natural.

    • I take Dr Mercoa’s Proniotic 70Billion with 10 strains, ($65+). I am unaware there are 14 strains as in your product..I am hypothyroid, severe spinal stenosis, very hard to let legs for amything: out to bed, out the house down stairs, in/out car etc, due to pain- lumbar, wrist bone spurs, I can even trip from rug runner. I feel trapped in my bedroom and bathroom everyday of my life and I am 48. Any positive suggestions are.welcome. Thank you for reading this,

  18. started taking the product 2 weeks ago. Have noticed more frequent bm’s and occasional stomach upset. Do not have any health problems and would love to lose 10lbs. I walk, drink plenty of water, try to watch my diet. I also have listened to brainmaker video and truly believe in the gut, brain connection. I have also noticed that I am not as hungry thru the day. How long before I notice any weight loss?

  19. Too expensive…..when it’s on sale, Email me. Thanks

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